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Windsor can help you bring your vision to life

Windsor windows and doors open up a home to light, air and the beauty of the outside world. But it's the inspired designs and lasting performance of Windsor products that open up a world of possibilities for architects and builders. Windsor has been developing unique home construction solutions for nearly 70 years — from EZ-tilt functionality to the first all-cellular PVC exterior window. Windsor is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality product on the market — all for the best value.


The strength and beauty of natural wood defines Windsor's elite Pinnacle line of products. Crafted from the finest pine, alder and fir, Pinnacle windows and doors add a measure of elegance to every home.

From subtle to showy, Pinnacle products are endlessly customizable through an array of finishes, hardware, shapes, grille options, cladding colors, glass and trim options, allowing the perfect window or door to be created.



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